halfway (or so)

We are about halfway into our house build. It’s a real half glass empty-or-full scenario depending on how you see it. Hehe. I’m still not sure yet where my glass sits! On one hand, it feels like it’s gone really fast so far. On the other hand, it seems like there’s so much left to […]

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just a little….

….update! We drove by the yesterday on our way back from a trip to the zoo. ¬†They’ve started preparing for the roof tiles and but up the fascia on the front of the house. It’s really moving along! We’ve got about three more months to go and we’re trying to finalize some of the big […]

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the master

So, here’s what I think is the most ridiculous part of this house. The master bedroom. You could actually call it “the master wing” of the house because it literally is two thirds of the entire left side of the house. The only other thing on this side is the garage. It feels crazy extravagant […]

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Happy New Year! 2018! I think that I, like a lot of people, feel very optimistic about this new year. Last year was tough, very tough for a lot of us. Of course there were a lot of wonderful things that happened in 2017, medical advancements, scientific advancements, stories of heroic people in extreme situations. […]

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hygge it out

Happy December everyone! It’s juuuust starting to feel like autumn here in Southern California with the Santa Ana winds which means it’s about time for the Christmas season! Finally! For a time I grew up on the Oregon coast where it’s cloudy and rainy six months (or more) of the year. I’ve always loved the […]

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enter the bohemian

Design Time! I’m calling this design “California boho meets cozy.” I like a mix of modern, bohemian and southwestern styles but I also love comfortable furniture and soft textures. For instance, I do love the way a lot of mid century sofas look but if they’re not comfortable, what’s the point? Also, I’m not going […]

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we have concrete!!

Here it is! Actual, physical proof that this house is happening in real life! Whoo hoo! Not that I had any doubts or anything. It’s just after looking at a dirt lot for so long and being told you’re going to have a fully built home by the spring, you kinda wonder sometimes when all […]

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Just a little update…. Yesterday I drove through our future neighborhood on the way to take my kids to the pumpkin patch. So happy to see that the house has been trenched! Ahhh! It’s really happening! Trenches are dug for the utilities and is like the first part of the process. Never thought I’d be […]

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